Essay Writing

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How to Write a Quality Essay

for you to to write a quality piece, there are several steps to follow to achieve a quality paper.
Following are some steps;
• Decide on whatever kind of an article to write about
Decide on whether to write an essay that is informative, descriptive, narrative or any other. Each type of paper has its way of writing as they convey different information.
• Choose your topic
Come up with a catchy theme that attracts the reader’s attention. The subject speaks a lot about
your piece; therefore, ensure your subject suits your theme. You are likely to come up with
quality paper if you decide to write on an area that is of your interest.

• Carry out research
Research vividly achieve a quality piece. Ensure to gather enough information on the issue
before you start your paper. Carry out your research from materials provided by famous writers, specialists, and the experienced journalists. Ensure your research materials are not from random sources; your articles are supposed to be legit and trustworthy.
• Develop a thesis statement
Make your thesis statement to be easily understandable, short, and carries information about your paper. It should be clear as it expresses the writer’s opinion on the topic. It should be ideal as it acts as the backbone of your paper.
• Outline or diagram the essay
Outlining your essay is a key factor in your writing. It is supposed to give all the details and be wellorganized. You are also supposed to include some keywords on every point of your plan.
Also,you can also plan your essay using a diagram. Your main point should be at the center then the sub-points branch at the sides using arrows.
• Put the essay in writing
Start writing with an introduction, which should account for 10% of the article, followed by the
body that carries the main points of the discussion, and lastly, the conclusion that summarizes the paper, and it should also account for 10% of your paper.
• Finally, edit your paper to correct the grammar and spelling errors
After you have completed, go through it again, and check whether your paragraphs are in good
order. The main points should appear at the first and last paragraph of the body, where else the
others in the middle. Check whether the grammar and spellings are okay and in case of mistakes you rectify. Also, check on your dictionary to provide synonyms of some words to avoid

Lastly, review what you have written to check whether it makes sense. Ensure your sentences are clear, and they flow smoothly.
Having followed all the above steps, you will surely write a quality essay.